Playground Stuff with Vans (It’s Art)


Life’s one big playground. Well at least that’s the premise behind interactive sound installation Polyphonic Playground at the House of Vans gallery . The art piece by Studio PSK, an award winning communication design practice based in Peckham, was originally commissioned by the Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion and developed in collaboration with musician Harry Yeff aka Reeps One. Interestingly there was no original brief set for the work, the request was to combine design, music and textiles. The result is a gymnasium-like set up reminiscent of childhood, complete with slides and swings with one major difference: the wood is patterned with black conductive paint in geometric lines which responds to the currents set off by people climbing on it, in turn triggering synthesised sounds. Pretty cool, it’s a bit like the ginormous instrument you dreamt of playing as a kid.

Polyphonic Playground will be open to view and climb at the House of Vans gallery tunnel from Friday 29th January to Sunday 21st February,