Plein Sport Spring Summer 2018 Extravaganza

Plein Sport. Or should that be Plain Sport, since whatever Philipp Plein does is pure transparency. There’s no pretention, there’s no subtext. His aesthetic does what it says on the tin. So, nine months into the birth of this sports diffusion label, Plein unleashed the warriors and quite literally too: cages with pro wrestlers were slowly lowered onto the arena as unfathomably fit models pole danced in the background. It was a backdrop that shouted ‘fighting spirit’ which was not lost on the fact that Plein himself is considered fashion’s leftfield rabble rouser.  To quote the show notes, “the Spring/Summer 2018 equipment includes sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, vests and gilets, all produced using technical, intelligent fabrics.”

So far, so ‘meh’ if you follow just the printed word as your guide. In fact, this collection was full of verve and fun. As expected, Plein got down to the nitty gritty of what sells. He’s a genius when it comes to commercially on-point leisurewear. Most humans find it hard to motivate ourselves to do sport, so the kit we wear should be colourful, inspiring and eye-catching. Cue the tiger heads and the massive typography (PLEIN SPORT it screamed). Hello traffic cone orange and electro green! And there was no missing the onslaught of camo prints that looked as though it was fashioned on tiger scratches (Grrrr). And what about those great big gladiator-inspired shield logos on t-shirts and hoodies that proclaimed the models as partisans of the PS Squad. Boom! There goes the strobe lighting and the bombastic ear-bleed soundtrack. Punch that bag! Show your worth! Break a sweat! That’s at least what Philipp Plein seemed to saying with this collection and indeed when he greeted the crowds on the runway, air punching with a confident stride like the king of the jungle (incidentally, his lair in Cannes in the South of France is actually called ‘La Jungle du Roi’!). Whatever you think of his clothes, Plein has an infectious kind of energy that sells for good reason.

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Plein Sport spring summer 2018

Plein Sport spring summer 2018
Plein Sport Men’s Spring 2018