Prabal Gurung x TOMS
Exclusive Interview With The New York Designer

prabal gurung x toms interview
Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung Talks TOMS

Prapal Gurung says of his most recent extra-curricular project “What excites me about collaborating with TOMS is our shared belief in inspiring others and giving back. We’re coming together to make a difference in the world by what we do”. It has been ten years since Blake Mycoskie first set out to build a fashion company based on a ‘One for One’ business model. A charitable concept that sees one pair of shoes given to a child in need for every pair of TOMS sold. Based in sunny California, TOMS added eyewear to its offering in 2011, in keeping with the same promise. To date, the company has donated more than 60 million pairs of new shoes to children in need. Toms has also restored the eyesight of more than 400,000 people through advanced medical treatments, regular screenings, cataract surgeries or new prescription glasses. In addition, sales of TOMS bags secure skilled training of birth attendants and birth kits. While a cup of TOMS Roasting Co. coffee equals a one week supply of safe drinking water. Reasons enough to celebrate, which TOMS did by inviting New York Fashion Week favourite and once-upon-a-time Manish Arora apprentice Prapal Gurung.

Long before he designed his first pair of TOMS shoes, Prabal Gurung was an ardent admirer of the brand. “The first time that I heard about TOMS was when I had just moved to New York. When I picked up the shoes, I really liked them and it was something that I needed”, the designer told us of first coming across the signature style whose shape is based on traditional Arngentine canvas alpargatas. “To finally find a brand where giving back felt glamorous, it was unheard of at the time.”

Prabal Gurung’s beautiful designs follow suit in graphic black, red and white printed fabrics. These capture the rare, untempered beauty of Nepal. The designer was raised in Kathmandu, and his work for TOMS marks a return to those childhood days spent in Nepal.  “I thought a lot about it and really, I couldn’t help but do something related to Nepal” he explains today. ‘I went back to the good old days growing up in Nepal. I thought about those little streets where my friends and I used to go and get inspired by the colours and textures. These memories were things that my dreams were built on.”

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The Prabal Gurung x TOMS collection is in support of The Shikshya Foundation. Five pounds of each product purchased will assist in providing education to under privileged children in Nepal and also support those affected the most by the aftermath of the recent earthquake. “Shikshya in Nepali means education. I had the privilege of education. That education allowed me to think and to dream bigger dreams. The only way that someone can create a better reality for themselves starts with education, ” Gurung explains his absolute commitment to the cause. ” Education empowers you and that empowerment leads to freedom.”

prabal gurung x toms interview
Prabal Gurung x TOMS shoes