Roe Ethridge Makes Sportsmax Surreal

Roe Ethridge has put Italian luxury house Sportsmax into vivid focus with a new Spring Summer’16 campaign starring Givenchy muse Mariacarla Boscono. The result is a highly stylised series of shots that pop with colour, thanks to his unique technique of borrowing images and superimposing them through a skilful editing process. Using still live images digitally collaged with model shots, Ethridge distorts perspectives and plays with scale, not drastically like fellow ‘image borrower’ Richard Prince,   but enough to send you into a bit of a cognitive spin – look twice and you realise not everything is what it seems.

The compositions pay homage to the 20th century still life works of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi and the ethereal lanscape images of the late photographer of Luigi Ghirri, only with a heightened surrealism that sees top model Mariacarla Boscono competing for foreground space with fishing paraphernalia including nets, crates, ladders, shells and buoys.