First Look
Ronald Van Der Kemp
Wardrobe Four


Ronald Van Der Kemp AW 2016

Ronald Van der Kemp is a rogue one. After 25 years working in the industry for the likes of Michael Kors, Céline, Escada and Wolford, the Dutch designer doesn’t create seasonal collections but rather “wardrobes.”  His demi-couture label RVDK showed it’s fourth wardrobe at Paris Couture Week. And the one of a kind pieces are available to wear now. But you need to move fast because once they’re gone, there is no recreating them!

Ronald Van der Kemp uses vintage and found fabrics to produce these one-off looks. Van Der Kemp’s denim is apparently handwoven by women in Mali. It’s quite obvious that it took a vast archive of fabrics to produce the patchwork jacket and military cargo trousers. “I’ve always collected vintage fabrics and pieces of material and wished I could do something with it,” said Van der Kemp in our previous interview with the designer. “So I just started making clothes.”

Recycling these couture fabrics is his attempt to eliminate waste. Ronald Van der Kemp carefully considers his impact on the fashion system. He also prevents waste by making sure his line stays exclusive and limited, catering to people who have distinct personal style. It is those people who aspire for the one-of-a-kind couture garments in their own wardrobe. The beauty is that no one else will have it.

What also defines RVDK is his silhouettes. Ronald Van der Kemp has vamped up power dressing with structured shoulders and flared trousers. Van der Kemp told us: “What bothers me when I look at how a lot of women dress for red-carpet events is that they all wear these corsets that make them stand in a certain, unnatural way. I like women to feel a little more sensual. I prefer to have the shoulder as a structure. You see the body in a more natural way.” – JLB

See below for his newest wardrobe:

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