Sculptural Style for Chanel Couture 2016

Sam McKnight’s hairstyling for Chanel’s Couture show in Paris today (26.01.2016) has attracted more than a few comparisons to Princess Leia, which comes as no surprise given the hype surrounding the latest Star Wars movie. In truth, Karl Lagerfeld’s muses were more Picasso-eque, recalling the artist’s stone bust called Head of a Woman at new York’s Moma, with their Egyptian contoured eyes and croissant twisted hair. As they magically appeared from a giant Scandinavian-style dollhouse (it was an eco-friendly show this time), it was clear that classism in art had permeated the entire collection – the Grecian goddesses led the pack in marble and stone coloured gowns. Statuesque silhouettes were less flirtatious and colourful than previous seasons and more in line with the Golden Age of Hollywood (capes sending an obvious 1940s message) with belt bags for iPhones of course. Then came the thunder in the shape of Kendall Jenner as the black empress, recalling the seductiveness of a young Paloma Picasso – a dark swan let loose amongst the doves perhaps. And navy – Coco Chanel’s favourite alternative to black – was accorded the more conservative styles with long line skirt suits and separates. A more modest and parred back approach from the man who loves a catwalk spectacle. It managed to surprise nonetheless.

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Wieke Sinnige