Shawn Mendes Interview and the Armani Connected Watch

Shawn Mendes Armani Watch

Shawn Mendes has another feather in his cap. The Canadian singer walked for Emporio Armani this week in Milan to the surprise of Fashion Week guests. Once the menswear show was over, Shawn appeared on the runway to introduce the brand’s new Armani Connected smart watch. Shawn previously showcased the new timepiece at Milan’s Manzoni 31 store – a private affair only with thousands of devoted fans cramming the streets around the boutique. Here’s what Shawn said on the day – it’s a short but sweet insight in the life of this young sensation.

“I don’t think I’d have a career if it wasn’t for social media. As an artist whether I’m producing music or working with Armani, I need to know what the people who support me think about it. It’s the most important thing. It’s also really exciting knowing that so many people across the internet listen to my music. I’ve always been obsessed by technology. Ever since I was a kid. I remember I used to steal broken phones from my family members! It’d be pretty hard to be a music star without social media. I know that it’s not impossible though. Growing up, you don’t really care about time. But now, being on track with what I am doing is probably the most important thing I’d say. I may wake up in Toronto but the next day I’m in Milan or Paris. I actually played in Paris not so long ago and it was the best show in the entire tour. I felt that there was an electricity running through my body at that show. I can’t describe the feeling of being on stage very well. Actually going on the runway is a very similar kind of feeling. You are just thinking, ‘Don’t trip, don’t mess up; don’t trip, don’t mess up!’ It’s a beautiful feeling and you can’t replicate it. I get to do something I love every single day. As long as you are going up there to have fun, people are going to enjoy it. If you go up there and think ‘ Oh my God! I may mess up’, people are going to see that fear in you.”

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The things Shawn loves…
“Ever since I’ve was really young I’ve been playing sport. I usually work out in the morning -it’s a good idea to get your brain in the right gear! I have a beautiful custom made telecaster guitar. In fact I have too many guitars, over 20! I hope this doesn’t sound weird but I listen to a lot of John Mayer before falling asleep – I hope he doesn’t take that the wrong way!”