Tea with TOAST


The lifestyle brand TOAST focuses on the concept of travel, seeking inspiration from the East in both the aesthetic and the craftsmanship of their garments and home decor. SS16 features quilted kimono jackets, apron dresses in the traditional ikat checks, and Japanese trousers – the light silhouettes perfect for a humid summer.

Inspired by Japan, TOAST has collaborated with potter Akiko Hirari on a collection of Japanese tea cups called the yunomi-chawan. These tea cups made specifically for the Sen-Cha tea ceremony, and it is largely about the ritual of tea drinking, such as the preparation, brewing and the guests invited to the tea time.


Akiko made the tea cups using the traditional technique ‘kohiki,’ meaning ‘powder blown,’ which originated in Japan. No two tea pots are alike. The handcrafting and natural pigments vary, but as the name suggests, they are distinctly recognised by their powdery white appearance. The bowls and tea pot have been carved by Akiko, inspired by the traditional wood carving  technique called Kamakura-bori. Accompanying each of the tea cups, Akiko has placed a hand written poem at the bottom of each cup.

This collaboration is exclusively available with the TOAST Westbourne Grove store.

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