The Artist Who’s Re-Imagined the Selfie

You know how sometimes defaced Tube and bus adverts can actually make you laugh? Occasionally they look quite accomplished, as if the perpetrator has actually put some thought into the ‘work’, shunning the all-to-predictable moustache and crude-looking phallus, in favour of some actual design. Vandalism with value!

Inspired by some of the more arresting defaced Subway posters that she encountered on her commute,  young Brooklyn-based artist, Lydia Cambron, has produced a series of selfies that recreate the poster ‘looks’ using tape, handmade props, cosmetics and collage. Each selfie takes a couple of hours to prepare for, but the artist sets herself one rule: she must take the final picture in less than 10 seconds using a timer to recapture a sense of spontaneity.

The results are funny, freaky and fiercely feminist. In a digital world saturated with self-portraits of pouting celebrities, Cambron is turning the tables on what has become an obsession with self-image and self-promotion. The defaced, scribbled-upon poster girls, whose snatched marketing powers had rendered them exposed and vulnerable, are resurrected in the form of an empowered female artist, whose ‘borrowed faces of beauty’ will disarm you with smiles and dark humour.