Austin Smith – The Boy from Burbank Los Angeles

Austin Smith

Californian model Austin Smith has the looks and attitude of a free-spirited flower child of the ’70s. He has walked for Tom Ford and, fittingly, was cast as a bewitching Martian boy – complete
with Ziggy Stardust facepaint – for Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2016 party in Palm Springs. Smith is a dreamer with an artistic temperament and a natural aptitude for music; he plays the guitar and the drums, and has a passion for painting. When he’s not working, you’ll find him whiling away the time in record stores, discovering old music, or skateboarding on the empty streets of Burbank in LA, where he was born. He loves hanging out on Malibu beach, and takes life as it comes…

Austin Smith

Something About Talks to Austin Smith

How did you start modelling?

I was scouted one night while walking through Los Feliz, and then I got called in to see Next LA.

Can you talk us through an average day for you?

I usually wake up and take my dogs for a walk, then I’ll cook breakfast or lunch, depending on how late I got up. I try to go the beach, or take a hiking trail in the Hills. Being close to nature is probably the best advantage to living in LA.

Where do you hang out in LA?

Either at my friend’s rehearsal space in Los Feliz or at the beach in Malibu.

What music do you listen to?

Any particular songs on repeat? Recently, I’ve revisited Rhode Island legends Lightning Bolt and sludge/ stoner rock titans Sleep.

Do you get many comments about your long hair?

Yeah, it’s weird at times, especially when people try to make small talk. Hair is the first thing they go for. The most common, to this day, is: “Can I braid your hair?”

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How do you keep your hair so shiny and healthy-looking?

Super-simple: just wash with apple cider vinegar, then shampoo and condition.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The Louis Vuitton Resort [2016] show is probably the best thing I’ve been involved in so far.

What will you do when you retire from modelling?

Most likely, I’ll go and live in a shack in Perth, Australia, right on the beach. Maybe hang with koalas.

Interview: Janine Leah Bartels

Photos: Harleymoon Kemp

Austin Smith

Austin Smith

Austin Smith

Austin Smith