The Heart of HaaT

HaaT – AW 2000 (Photo: Yoshie Tominaga)

Issey Miyake has long been recognised by the high quality of their materials and their unique textiles. Since 1971, Makiko Minagawa has been creating  materials as the Textile Director of Issey Miyake. In 2000, Minagawa launched HaaT under the Issey Miyake umbrella – HaaT celebrates 15 years with their SS16 collection.

The HaaT line has “HeaRT” connected closely to the name, the two words running parallel on the clothing’s label. The name HaaT is derived from the Hindi words “HaaTH” meaning “hand” and “HaaT” meaning “village market”. Minagawa creates clothing from mostly natural materials using traditional Indian craftsmanship, and referring to the village market, this is the very setting where there East meets the West. This culture culmination informs the collections. Also drawing inspiration from nature, the garments are composed of floral prints, textiles that allude to twigs or vines, and even as abstract as the sky.

Spring/Summer 2016’s theme was AIR, with the main motif being the works of artist Katsuhito Yamamoto. The collaborative textiles feature floating flowers against the background of a jacquard weave textile, and a traditional plaid pattern weave called the Yoshiko Kando, which is the Chi of Japanese culture.

In celebration of the 15th anniversary, the Issey Miyake store on 10 Brook Street showcased the archives of HaaT, as well as revealing the latest SS16 collection.

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SS16 Photo: Yusuke Miyazaki