The Must-Watch New Fragrance Films

As the seasons change, we start growing weary of our fragrance and all too accustomed to the distinct light scent we’ve been wearing all summer. Just in time for the temperature drop – and as we trade in our dresses for cashmere jumpers – Dior, Kenzo and Charlotte Tilbury have released their new fragrance films in anticipation of their eau de toilettes: Dior Sauvage, Kenzo World and Scent of a Dream.

Whether it be the spunky Spike Jonze video for Kenzo World, the beautiful Patagonia landscapes captured for Dior, or Kate Moss in the virtual reality for Charlotte Tilbury’s new perfume, these new fragrance films portray the unique identity of each scent.

Dior Tales of The Wild, “Solace”

Dior – Tales Of The Wild by Sauvage

Dior has just released four “Tales of the Wild” episodes: Solace, Gaucho, Aizkolari and El Capitan. The short seven minute films star “atypical and anonymous heroes.” Solace features Harrison Roach who makes a living from surfing; Gaucho is a showcase of Jakob Von Plessen’s new way of life, among the horses in the heart of Patagonia; Aizkolari tells the story of Arthur van der Putten who gave up his life in Paris for the mountains and the sea of the Basque country and El Capitan presents a man, Ethan Pringle, who is driven to reach new heights as he bravely scales the Yosemite Cliffs. The films are directed by Clément Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson (both known for “The Grease Hands Preachers,” with executive producer Orlando Bloom) who captured the beautiful natural landscapes using 16mm film, giving it that unique grain.

On Dior’s site, you can sign up to receive a code to watch the unique episodes that will be launching throughout September. See the teaser below, featuring the voice of Sauvage’s frontman Johnny Depp.

Kenzo –  Kenzo World directed by Spike Jones 

Kenzo World is the newest addition to KENZO Parfums created by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.  The film, written and directed by Spike Jonze (“Where The Wild Things Are” and “Her”), for the new fragrance and it is not your typical perfume ad. It doesn’t leave you swooning but you may catch yourself dancing. Starring the classically trained dancer Margaret Qualley, she jerks and jives through the halls of Manhattan’s Lincoln Centre, dancing to the original track “Mutant Brain” by Sam Speigel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin. Quality’s quirky moves were choreographed by Ryan Heffinton who worked with Sia on Chandelier. Watch the sporadic film below:

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Charlotte Tilbury – Kate Moss and Scent of a Dream 

Charlotte Tilbury has released two new films by Antoine Wagner to announce her debut fragrance. In the first one Kate Moss becomes the centre of attention at a “hedonistic dance party” and as everyone swoons for her, she soon meets co-star Nathan Mitchell where they continue to dance the evening away to “Show Me The Love.” The second film is a 360° virtual reality film showcasing Kare Moss and Nathan Mitchell in outer space with the perfume bottles and Charlotte Tilbury. The ultra glittery campaign film 360° can be viewed at or YouTube with a Google Cardboard device, or visit her flagship store in Covent Garden to view the whole experience.