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Victoria Scott Interview. Since publishing The Collector, the first instalment of her successful Dante Walker Trilogy in 2013, Victoria Scott has published eight novels to critical acclaim, all the while garnering a growing and loyal readership. Scott’s young adult fiction has be translated into eleven languages; works such as 2014’s adventure-packed Fire & Flood have been nominated for industry awards. Born and raised in Texas, the writer today calls Philadelphia home and it is from here that Scott talks to Something About about starting out as a writer and how her profession has changed since then.

Victoria Scott, you’ve been writing professionally for six years, and today you’re the author of eight novels sold in fourteen countries. How has being an author changed in that time?

When I first started writing, social media was a tool to network with other writers, and to research agents and publishers. But for the most part, authors could hide behind their laptops and write quietly. Today, having a strong social media presence is an enormous part of an author’s job. We have to be available to readers and fans, or we risk losing their loyalty.

Speaking of, how do you make yourself available to Victoria Scott fans?

I have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I run each platform a bit differently, but I try to post on each account, daily. Sometimes that means posting photos, or videos, or even live streaming spontaneously (not just when you have a book releasing).

What content have you found fans respond to most?

It’s interesting. In the beginning, I mostly posted ads and teasers for my books. Fans enjoyed those, but they didn’t engage. I spoke with my publicist, and my husband—who works in marketing—and we made the decision to start broadcasting…more. I started sharing clips of my family and me on vacation. I shared videos of me seeing my finished books for the first time. And, though it still feels enormously odd, I started posting more photos of myself. It seemed readers really did want insight into my life, not just my work. I guess everybody wants to follow a human being. In short, I’ve learned that readers don’t want to be sold a book on social media. They want to get to know you. The support in the form of book sales comes later.

How do you make time to create content for social media?

It’s difficult, but I started by buying a planner. When I had ideas, I’d jot them down and plan their release for certain days. Sometimes, it means taking an hour on the weekends to do a photo shoot with my books and me so I have content. Other times, it means living a more interesting life, and bringing along a camera. I guess that’s the upside. Now my husband and I will elect to spend a weekend in New York City, or go to a party we might have skipped out on. It’s like, “Should we go, or stay home?” And my husband will say, “It’ll give you content for your social sites.” And so we’ll get dressed and go. That’s not to say I live my life for capturing content, but sometimes it gives me the kick in the rear to get out and live.

Have there been any other benefits to broadcasting your life and living more in the spotlight?

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Oh, sure! Getting out and doing more has led to great scenes and story ideas for my writing. I also have a better wardrobe now. It’s funny how seeing yourself in pics every day makes you suddenly want to invest in false lashes and new blouses. I’ll even admit I’ve been hitting the gym more and eating healthier. More importantly, I’ve gained new readers, had previous readers engage more, and received exposure with bigger media outlets, like Something About Magazine!

What’s next on the writing front?

I have two novels coming out this year. The first is called Hear the Wolves, and is an adventure survival story. The second is called Violet Grenade, and is a psychological thriller. I couldn’t be more excited to share these books with readers!

Victoria Scott Interview