Wes Anderson’s Prada Café

The master of offbeat, retro-romantic weirdness, Wes Anderson, has cemented his relationship with Prada with his very own café at the newly unveiled Fondazione Prada, which will open to the public for camparis and cappuccinos on May 9th .

This was undoubtedly a dream project for the filmmaker who has a passion for 1950s Italian cafes and Formica in general. His 2013 short film for the fashion house, called Castello Cavalcanti, is set in 1955 and takes place in a sleepy village café, where a brash American racing driver, played by actor Jason Schwartzman, meets his ‘ancestors’ after crashing his car into a statue.


The new art house eatery bears some similarities to Anderson’s imagined Castello Cavalcanti pitstop; there’s an abundance of turquoise for a start, but cross-reference the old coffee grinder, the glass biscotti jars and of course the immaculate sense of order and symmetry, as is his wont in his many celluloid successes.

La nuova sede della Fondazione Prada