Yoox X Artist Vanessa Beecroft: A Different Kind of Limited Edition Portrait

Yoox has collaborated with Italian LA-based artist Vanessa Beecroft for a limited edition photograph of rainbow-haired Californian modelsinger, Cassandra Church (we’ve stalked her beautiful Instagram feed too, follow @cassandrachurch). Each photograph was shot in quick succession using a Big Shot Polaroid and the work has been issued as an edition of 150 – the idea being that art lovers can buy a unique piece that looks almost the same as the other 149, whilst still being completely unique. The portrait and its conception ties in with the philosophy of Walter Benjamin and his seminal essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, which questions authenticity and creativity in the face of mass production and capitalism. Beecroft’s work challenges the idea of the reproduction while still fulfilling the idea of an art ‘series’ in its traditional sense.

This collaboration marks a continued relationship with new and established artists, filmmakers and designers – the project has so far counted Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Grayson Perry. Most recently the website ran an exclusive preview of The Artist is Absent, a film about enigmatic designer Martin Margiela which is still available to watch now.

Cassandra editions are prices at £338 available at Yoox.com

Instagram images from  @cassandrachurch